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Enhancing Network Control and Visibility for a Global Corporation

Background: At Revolve Security, we embarked on an ambitious project with an international company to significantly enhance its network infrastructure. The project’s main objectives were to add more controls and increase visibility between the company’s main network and its global subsidiaries, as well as to improve the monitoring and filtering of network traffic.

The Challenge: The client, a major player in the global market, faced the intricate task of strengthening the network connections with its subsidiaries. The goal was to create a more controlled and secure network environment. This challenge required a sophisticated approach to manage the increased complexity of network traffic and ensure enhanced security across all subsidiaries.

Our Approach: Revolve Security’s team approached this challenge with a custom-tailored strategy. We focused on integrating advanced network control systems and implementing state-of-the-art traffic monitoring solutions. Our team worked in close collaboration with the client’s IT department, conducting thorough assessments to understand the nuances of their existing network infrastructure and the specific needs of each subsidiary.

Revolve Security’s expertise was crucial in navigating the complexities of our global network,” noted the company’s Chief Information Officer.

The Outcome: The completion of this project marked a significant enhancement in the company’s network infrastructure. Our efforts led to the successful implementation of robust controls, increasing the security and efficiency of interactions between the main network and its subsidiaries. Additionally, the new system provided comprehensive visibility, allowing for effective monitoring and filtering of network traffic.

The improvements in network visibility and control have significantly elevated our ability to manage and secure our global operations,” stated the CIO.

Our Impact: The impact of our work extended beyond technical upgrades. The enhanced network infrastructure improved the company’s ability to protect against cybersecurity threats on a global scale. “This project has been transformative. The advanced monitoring and filtering capabilities have been a game-changer for our global security posture,” added the Head of Global Network Operations.

This project underscores Revolve Security’s capability to address complex network challenges, demonstrating our expertise in delivering tailored solutions that enhance network control, visibility, and security for our clients around the world.

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