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Due Diligence Ahead of Strategic MDR Acquisition

Engagement Background: Revolve Security was engaged by a sophisticated Managed Service Provider (MSP) to evaluate the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology stack of a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider. The MSP, aiming to expand into the MDR space, required our expertise to assess the viability and potential of acquiring this provider.

Challenge Faced: Our challenge at Revolve Security was to comprehensively assess the MDR provider’s technology stack, including their use of XDR technologies, and to evaluate their staffing and processes. Our goal was to identify strengths and challenges within the MDR provider’s operations, providing the MSP with a clear understanding of the potential acquisition.

Our Approach: We conducted an in-depth assessment of the technology stack, examining the MDR provider’s use of XDR solutions and their integration with broader service offerings. We also evaluated the provider’s staffing expertise and operational processes.

Outcome of Assessment: Our assessment uncovered numerous strengths in the MDR provider’s use of XDR technologies and their operational methodologies, as well as key challenges that needed attention. Our detailed report provided the MSP with a nuanced understanding of the MDR provider’s capabilities and potential areas for improvement.

Our Impact: Our impact was significant. Equipped with our comprehensive report, the MSP made a well-informed bid for the MDR practice. Our detailed analysis enabled the MSP to confidently move forward with their strategic expansion into the MDR space.

Conclusion: This success story highlights Revolve Security’s capability in providing detailed and strategic assessments, aiding our clients in making informed decisions in their business ventures. Our expertise in technology evaluation and operational analysis was pivotal in guiding a major strategic move in the cybersecurity industry.

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