Our Services

Guiding businesses in the defense sector through the complexities of achieving and maintaining Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance.

A comprehensive suite of services encompassing expert management and support for security platforms and stacks, whether custom-built by us or pre-existing COTS systems our clients use.

Providing advanced cybersecurity services such as continuous threat monitoring, advanced detection, incident response, endpoint security, log analysis, vulnerability management, compliance support, and expert consultation.

With a deep understanding of Microsoft Sentinel, we facilitate smooth transitions from legacy SIEM systems, enhance threat detection and response, and streamline management.

Specialized services covering various areas, such as enhancing legacy security stacks, tailored XDR solutions, advanced platform integrations, security automation and orchestration, cloud security optimization etc.

Tailored security talent services, including direct hiring, staff augmentation, and the automation of NOCs and SOCs with advanced bots and AI technologies for operational efficiency.

Unlock Your Security Potential

Enhance your security posture with our suite of services, from Microsoft Sentinel implementations to expert advisory across XDR, MDR, security orchestration, and beyond. Benefit from our strategic direction, streamlined integrations, and optimized operations, all while leveraging the latest in security technology and expert insights to safeguard your business effectively.

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