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Comprehensive Overhaul of MSSP’s Sentinel Deployment

Background: Revolve Security was approached by a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) facing challenges with a new client’s sophisticated technology stack, which included a mix of on-premise and cloud integrations, with Microsoft Sentinel as part of their security infrastructure. The MSSP needed help in maximizing the functionality of Sentinel.

The Challenge: The primary challenge for Revolve Security was to assess and optimize the health, efficiency, and detection capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel in the client’s complex technology environment, and to find ways to reduce operational costs.

Our Approach: Revolve Security’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s Sentinel implementation, analyzing its integration with both on-premise and cloud systems. We worked in close collaboration with the MSSP’s team, providing insights and best practices to optimize Sentinel’s configuration.

The Outcome: The outcome of this collaboration was notable. The MSSP’s client infrastructure saw significant improvements. Our assessment led to enhanced efficiency and detection capabilities in Microsoft Sentinel, making it operate optimally in the mixed environment. Additionally, we identified and implemented several opportunities to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Our Impact: The impact of our work extended beyond the technical enhancements. By improving the effectiveness of Microsoft Sentinel, we helped the MSSP provide greater value to their client, thereby strengthening their reputation as a provider of sophisticated and cost-effective security solutions.

This success story highlights Revolve Security’s expertise in complex security environments and our ability to deliver customized solutions that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients’ security operations.

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